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The Project – What is involved?

What work are you doing, and why?
We will be installing a new roundabout at the staggered junction between A287 (Farnham Road), Redfields Lane and Bowling Alley, south of Church Crookham, to improve local road connections. This work will be completed before the first residents occupy homes on our Albany Park housing development, so that these benefits are delivered to future residents and the wider community.
When will the work start and end?
Off highways work started in the field adjacent to the Redfields Lane junction in Spring 2021, while work on the highway started on 2 August 2021. Construction and installation of the roundabout is being carried out in stages, and we expect all work to be completed by Autumn 2022. We will provide advance notice of works due to take place on the highway, so people know how our activity will affect traffic flow in the area and what that might mean for them.
What will the construction work involve?
The works taking place on the highway will be staggered, and require removal of the existing road, building up levels, installing drainage and diverting services. New junctions will be formed to Redfields Lane and Bowling Alley.

The final stages of our work will involve installing all the new road signage, streetlights, road white lining, along with planting up all of the surrounding soft landscape areas.

At what times of day will the work take place?
Our standard working hours will be 08:00 until 17:00 hours, Monday to Friday, and 08:00 until 13:00 hours on Saturdays. However, there are no restrictions on the hours we are permitted to work so, if necessary, we may work outside of these hours.

We will endeavour to complete the work as efficiently as possible, the aim being to minimise disruption to traffic during our core working hours as well as those occasions when we work outside of those hours.

Where will the project team be based?
Our contractor, Buxted Construction, is based at the offsite construction compound they have created in the field adjacent to the A287 (Farnham Road) junction with Redfields Lane, along with access for their construction vehicles. The construction compound consists of welfare cabins and offices, with space for deliveries and parking. There will be no on-site lodging.
Who is carrying out the work?
Vistry Group is responsible for delivering the road improvements and roundabout installation, as set out in the Section 278 agreement made between Martin Grant Homes, the original site developer, and Hampshire Highways. Hampshire Highways has approved all technical designs and method of construction. We will continue to work closely with them throughout the project.

Buxted Construction, has been appointed by Vistry Group to construct this major new roundabout. Buxted Construction is an experienced firm with significant expertise in delivering major infrastructure and civil engineering projects such as this. Buxted Construction has been approved by Hampshire Highways to carry out these works.

Will there be any disruption to utilities as a result of the work?
We are working with utility providers to put in place the necessary arrangements to enable them to divert any affected service ducts and lines efficiently and safely. While there is not expected to be any disruption, we will work with providers throughout the project to ensure that in the event of there being any changes to services, people are informed in advance.

Health and Safety

Will the work cause a lot of noise and vibration?
You may notice some elevated noise at some points during the highways works. However, this will not be continuous and may not be particularly noticeable above the usual background noise created by traffic on the surrounding roads. We will be closely monitoring noise and vibration throughout the works programme and will work to keep any potential disruption to a minimum.
Will the work create dust?
While we excavate areas of road surface and operate construction machinery, soil and earth may be dislodged. When this dries in the sunshine and air (especially when the weather is warm), this can lead to dust. During the site works, efforts will be made to minimise dust generation. We will continue to monitor and mitigate any dust as necessary.
Does the work present a risk to public health?
The health and safety of the public and our workers is our top priority when undertaking any operations on site. We are working in accordance with agreed standards and guidelines and have robust monitoring and mitigation strategies in place to ensure our work is carried out safely. All works will be monitored by Hampshire Highways.
How are you keeping the offsite compound secure during the works?
The site is and will remain securely fenced at all times. CCTV will be in operation outside working hours.
Will any mud or materials from your work be cleaned off the road?
A road sweeper is being used on a regular basis to keep the roads in immediate proximity of the site clean and prevent mud and debris from accumulating. In the event of wet weather, we will also use wheel washers on all construction vehicles to prevent this. In the event of persistent bad weather conditions, we will employ additional methods to prevent accumulation of mud and debris associated with construction on local roads as appropriate.
How are you managing activity on site in context of Covid-19?
In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we are making every effort to ensure the safety of our workers and neighbours at all times. In line with advice, we have implemented controls and measures on site to ensure we are operating safely and complying with industry guidance.

There is a welfare facility on site where handwashing stations and hand sanitiser is available. This facility is regularly cleaned between use.

We are constantly reviewing the situation and will act swiftly to adjust our ways of working in line with any Government guideline changes.


Will roads be closed and diversions required?
Redfields Lane will be closed to through-traffic for the duration of the project. A diversion will be put in place via B3013 (Beacon Hill Road), Aldershot Road then back to the northern end of Redfields Lane.

Bowling Alley will also be closed throughout the project, to maintain safe travel for everyone. Road users will instead be directed to use the junction near the Bowernhurst Kennels to gain access to/from the A287.

Both diversions will be clearly signposted in advance to make road users aware and encourage people to use these routes as alternatives, instead of other local village lanes. A map showing the diversion routes being put in place is available in the Key Documents and Downloads section of our website.

Road closure requirements are all part of the traffic management design for the works, which have been agreed with Hampshire County Council. These closures will remain in place for the duration of the project. The closures will allow construction work to be carried out, with the safety of the workforce and general public being our top priority. The closures also mean we can keep the A287 open for two-way traffic flow for the majority of the works.

Will I still be able to use the A287 Farnham Road?
Yes. Our plans have been specifically designed to ensure that this important road remains open at all times.

The section of the A287 in immediate vicinity of the road improvement works we are delivering will be subject to a reduced speed limit of 30 miles per hour (mph) for the duration of the project. This will help ensure the safety of road users, and our workforce.

Towards the end of our works, we will need to re-surface parts of the A287. This will require occasional overnight closures. This will be a rare occurrence, and work will be carried out at night to reduce disruption and will be in strict adherence with any of Hampshire County Council’s conditions.

How will traffic be managed?
To ensure we can carry out the work safely, we will need to put in place appropriate traffic management measures at different stages of the roundabout’s construction to allow two-way traffic flow, along the A287, for the majority of the works.

Temporary traffic lights will be required towards the end of our main construction works, when we align the new road at the eastern approach of the roundabout with the existing A287.

A full-time traffic marshall is stationed at the entrance to our construction compound to monitor construction traffic coming on and off the site and to ensure the safety of all road users. The marshall will be present for the duration of the works programme.

We will provide regular updates so that any changes to traffic management measures are clearly communicated to people in advance. These updates will be made available on the news section of this website.

How much work traffic will the project generate?
Equipment and construction materials needed to enable us to carry out this work will be delivered to our site compound periodically throughout the duration of the project. Vehicle movements of this nature will be aligned with those limits agreed with Hampshire County Council, whereby they will be required to use approved routes and travel outside peak traffic times wherever possible. Storage of materials onsite will, as far as possible, limit the need for deliveries.
How will you account for major local events or peak times for travel?
Local needs have been considered in the development of our works programme and associated traffic management plans. Farnborough Air Show generates a significant increase in traffic on local roads – especially the A287. With the next Air Show due to take place in July 2022, our programme ensures free flow of traffic when this event takes place.

Keeping people informed

Will you keep local people updated about what you’re doing?
Yes. We are committed to providing local people with advance notice of any changes associated with road use as our work progresses. We will write directly to those individuals and organisations living in or operating from properties in the immediate vicinity of the site to provide updates.

We’ll also be working with local elected members, the media and Hampshire County Council to communicate any changes to road use and/or provide updates on traffic conditions relating to the works as widely as possible. The news section of our website will be updated regularly to provide information.

In addition, all roadworks will be clearly signposted in advance to ensure road users are clear about what’s happening, temporary changes to the road layout and/or temporary traffic measures in place.

Who has consented the works?
This project has been consented by Hampshire County Council under a Section 278 Agreement, and all necessary permits and licences required for the work are in place. A Hampshire Highways Inspector is overseeing all aspects of the works to ensure they are delivered in accordance with approved designs and specifications.
How can I find out more about the work you’re doing?
You can contact our community relations team who will be pleased to help, provide more information and answer any questions you might have. You can contact our community relations team on 0800 804 4049 (between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday) or by emailing:

Any enquiries received outside of those times will be picked up by our community relations team the next working day. Please leave your contact details and as much detail as possible about your enquiry if you do get in touch, so that our team can respond to you promptly with the information you require.

Who do I call in the event of an emergency?
The number to call in the event of needing to report an emergency is 01825 891293. This number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Where can I find out more about Vistry's Albany Park development?
You can find more information about the Albany Park development by visiting:

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